Government of Mali announces subsidised agricultural inputs for the 2023 campaign

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Government of Mali announces subsidised agricultural inputs for the 2023 campaign

Modibo KEITA

The Government of Mali has announced the distribution of subsidized agricultural inputs for the 2023 agricultural campaign. This important decision was published on May 10, 2023, outlining the allocation of inputs between the regional agricultural directorates, rural development offices, and agencies.

In addition, the government has released the directory of agricultural input suppliers for the 2023 campaign, which was made known on May 15, 2023. A total of 40 suppliers have been retained to ensure a diverse range of options for farmers, including WAFA members such as DPA Industries, Toguna Agro Industries, Sangoye and Société AG Mohamed Houloulou & Fils amongst others. The negotiated prices with the State for these inputs are as follows: NPK at 29,000 FCFA, urea at 27,000 FCFA, and DAP at 31,000 FCFA. The subsidized price, set at an affordable 14,000 CFA francs per 50 kg bag, will benefit farmers across the country.

This year, the distribution plan aims to allocate 60% of the share to organic fertilizers and 40% to mineral fertilizers, promoting sustainable and balanced agricultural practices.

To stay informed and plan ahead for a successful agricultural campaign, download the official documents provided by the Government of Mali. These documents contain valuable information about the distribution process, guidelines, and the allocated share of inputs.

Download the subsidy announcement

Download the supplier list

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