05 Dec 2020
fertilizer in use

How fertilizers enhance soil organic matter content

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Organic matter is essential for good soil quality. Soil with sufficient amounts of nutrients, particularly nitrogen, is important for the formation and maintenance of soil organic matter. If soil is fertile, there is more plant growth which in turn increases inputs of roots and other plant debris into the soil. As this plant debris decomposes, it adds to the soil organic matter. This organic matter increases microbial activity because it ...

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16 Sep 2020

New online tool will empower thousands of West African farmers and more with critical agriculture information, launched by IFDC and CORAF

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September 15, 2020 – A new online tool designed for producers, farmers, and other actors in certain value chains to access critical information on agriculture input recommendations/packages will be launched virtually on September 22, 2020. The Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations for West Africa Map (FeSeRWAM) is a geographical information system and web-based platform that captures, stores, and provides information regarding data-visualization recommendation of seeds and fertilizers. 

The platform aims to ...

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25 Jun 2020

AFA signs a new MOU in partnership with AFRIQOM and WAFA towards new horizons in the second biggest Continent

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Eng. Raed Soub, AFA Secretary General, referred to signing the MOU between AFA, Afriqom and WAFA on Wednesday, 10th of June, 2020. This took place as part of AFA pioneering and effective role to create new expansions, open new fields and provide additional opportunities for its members, aiming at connecting Arab and African regions, by taking such an unprecedented step across AFA forty four path to serve its members on ...

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09 Oct 2019
Signing of memorandum of understanding between ECOWAS and West African Fertilizer Association

ECOWAS, WAFA sign MOU at inaugural West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum

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October 1, 2019 saw the official signing of the memorandum of understanding between Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA). This took place at the inaugural West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum which was attended by representatives of financial institutions, ministers, government agencies, fertilizer manufacturers and various stakeholders of the fertilizer industry. The agreement recognizes WAFA as the voice of the fertilizer industry in discussions ...

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30 Jul 2019

[Job] - Administration and finance Officer of WAFA

The West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA) is the umbrella association of all players in the
fertilizer sector of the West African region, including fertilizer manufacturers, importers,
blenders and traders. The association was created primarily to serve as a platform for
cooperation amongst its members in the quest to champion the development of the fertilizer
sector in the region as a means of improving agricultural production and food security of the ...

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