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11 Jun 2020

4R Solution Project Launches 4R Champion Program in Sub Saharan Africa

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Today, the 4R Solution project is taking another step in bringing a Canadian Innovation to Sub Saharan Africa through the 4R Champion program.

The 4R Champion program is a unique opportunity for agricultural advocates to demonstrate increased agricultural yields through the use of 4R Nutrient Stewardship Best Management Practices.

“4R Nutrient Stewardship, using the Right Source (of fertilizer) @ the Right Rate, Right Time, and in the Right Place, is a ...

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11 Apr 2020

Combating covid-19: Seed operators and fertilizer suppliers contribute 194 million.

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Seed operators and fertilizer suppliers voluntarily contributed 194 million for the fight against covid-19. The latter therefore gave their supervising minister, Moussa Baldé, a check in the amount of 194 million 600 thousand CFA francs.

 “I salute this civic and voluntary act by seed operators and fertilizer suppliers. These are gestures that we expect from the population, goodwill because the State cannot do everything. This pandemic is everyone's business ...

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07 Apr 2020

Covid-19: what risks for the fertilizer and fertilizer market in Africa?

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The announcement of the closure of maritime borders, the preferred route for transporting fertilizers and fertilizers, did not fail to raise questions about the viability of supply chains in Africa. "Overall, we estimate at least a 20% market reduction at this early stage," said London-based firm Afriqom.

Afriqom, which monitors the continent-wide fertilizer market, believes that the major world producers (Russia, Belarus, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, etc.) have not been impacted ...

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30 Dec 2019

Birth of a Fertilizer Distribution Stakeholder Association

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Senegalese Fertilizer Professionals Association (APESEN) was set up on Monday in Dakar with the aim of further professionalizing the distribution sector of this agricultural input, explained Moulaye Baldé, one of its initiators.

"We will try to bring ourselves into conformity through this association and set ourselves to the standards of what is done in the sub-region, in Mali, in Nigeria and in Burkina Faso etc.," he said. declared in the ...

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