Cocoa farmers in Wassa-East receive 19,550 Bags of fertilizers from Cocobod

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Cocoa farmers in Wassa-East receive 19,550 Bags of fertilizers from Cocobod

Wilson Arthur Ghana

Cocobod has donated a total of 19,550 bags of Cocoa Aduane Fertilizers for onward distribution to the Daboase Cocoa Farmers Cooperative Union(DCFCU).

The District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. Wilson Arthur received the Fertilizers on behalf of the farmers from the Western Regional Manager of Cocobod, at Daboase in the Western Region.

The DCE advised Cocoa farmers in the area to apply through their respective Cooperatives/Groups to be served at their community gate.

Making the donation, Mr.Samuel Ankamah, the Western South Cocoa Health and Extension Division Manager revealed that Cocobod was embarking on pruning of all productive Cocoa farms in the country with 1,103,659.85 hectares through Cocoa farmer Cooperatives Association Groups (CAGs).

According to him, a total of 14,642 Volunteer Pruning Labourers(VPL) selected by the CAGs, have been trained by the District Cocoa officers across the 12 Cocoa Districts in the Western South and 62 Cocoa districts in the country.

A total of 23,370 dual-purposed pruners/slashers have been received in the Western Cocoa Region out of the 100,000 procured by Cocobod for the pruning programme nation-wide.

He noted that equitable distribution of fertilizer was planned based on the total farm size of the CAG and the number of VPL, as well as actual pruning of farms which have effectively commenced from the Daboase Cocoa District.

Mr Ankamah announced that the supply of subsidized Fertilizers on credit basis would continue this year.

According to him, the Western Cocoa Region was given priority due to the poor road network in a bid to ensure the smooth take-off of the 2020 Cocoa season.

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