CAMPAIGN PLAN 2021-2022: 121 billion CFA francs in fertilizers needed

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CAMPAIGN PLAN 2021-2022: 121 billion CFA francs in fertilizers needed

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As part of the validation process of the 2021-2022 campaign plan, the National Executive Committee of Agriculture (Cena) held its 10th  session Monday, March 16 at the Prime Minister.

This annual exercise brings together the actors of the rural sector around the Prime Minister, to review the results of the past campaign and the projection of the next one. It aims to ensure the application of the agricultural orientation law. The National Executive Committee for Agriculture (Cena) is in particular responsible for participating in the definition and ensuring consistency, and adopting by March 31 of each year the annual report on the measures taken for the execution of the law of agricultural orientation and on the modalities of its implementation.

“The Malian economy is essentially based on the rural sector with almost 80% of the active population, and contributes around 40% to the GDP. Aware of this strategic position, the high authorities have decided to make the agricultural sector the engine of the economic development of the country ” , confirmed Dr. Boubou Cissé. “To achieve this objective, the government has committed to allocating 15% of the national budget to the agricultural sector each year. The results of the 2019-2020 crop year are encouraging. Stresses Boubou cisse the   Prime Minister .

The campaign plan is an instrument for implementing the agricultural development policy which is part of the country's macro-economic framework policy. The preparation of the three-year agricultural campaign plan, consolidated and harmonized between 2020, 2021 and 2022, takes place at local, regional and national level by national structures with the support of the CPS-SDR.

The implementation of the campaign plan will contribute to the achievement of the objectives linked to food and nutritional sovereignty and security as well as to the improvement of the income of 1,313,503 farms and the reduction of poverty.

The cereal productions expected for this agricultural campaign are respectively more than 11,093,093 tonnes, so the average annual growth rate in areas is around 2%. This indicates the intensification of the different sectors.

In addition, in terms of fertilizers, the intensification of production requires the use of 355,176 tonnes of all types of fertilizers. And this coup is valued at more than 121 billion CFA francs.

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