West: fertilizers to boost the production of Koung-Khi

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West: fertilizers to boost the production of Koung-Khi


Jean Paul Nantchouang Tchonang is full of praise for his benefactor. This delegate of "Gic feeds the man of tomorrow" admits that the production of the 12 members of this joint initiative group has tripled for almost three years that they have received droppings from MP Albert Kouinche. Better still, they have diversified their culture and in addition to corn and beans, today they also grow vegetables, peppers, cabbage, eggplant. The donation received last Friday from the hands of the nation's elected official will allow them, he assures, to increase their production. Today, for the sixth consecutive year, deputy Albert Kouinche freshly re-elected in Koung-Khi has offered more than 2,000 bags of fertilizer to the three districts of the department (Bayangam, Djebem and Poumougne). 

The ceremony for the delivery of these agricultural inputs was chaired by the prefect Donnacien UM, with Colette Sohaing, a newly elected deputy, at his side. The donor was delighted to note that from year to year, these donations transform the department, which started from last place in the mini-comice agro-pastoral of the Western region, for second place today. Better, in certain speculations like the peanut, the Koung-Khi is placed in front in front of mastodons like the Menoua or the Bamboutos. A performance which means that the earth does not deceive. “I encourage our people to cultivate because the land does not deceive. By cultivating, we can get a lot of wealth. Already for ourselves by feeding our families with what we have produced, 

He said wherever he went that this program will remain sustainable to completely transform the department and make it the largest producer in the Western region. The prefect Donnacien UM was delighted to see a man committed to the development of his locality and the region.

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