Chad: fall in fertilizer prices for cotton growing

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Chad: fall in fertilizer prices for cotton growing


Cotton production in Chad fell to 15,000 tonnes two years ago. A decline linked to the bankruptcy of CotonTchad which could no longer pay the producers. But since the Singaporean group Olam entered the capital of the company, the debts have been reimbursed and payments are now regular. In one year, production jumped over 170,000 tonnes of seed cotton.

By deciding to reduce by 6,000 francs the price of each bag of fertilizer essential for the production of cotton, the Chadian state will directly impact the daily life of more than three million inhabitants of the cotton basin, explains Ibrahim Malloum, secretary-general in charge of the marketing of CotonTchad.

"This has direct consequences on the income of the peasant who will increase, they will save at least 6 to  7,000 francs per bag of fertilizer. In addition, it allows them to use more fertilizer to increase the yield. We are around 500 to 600 kilos per hectare. However by the intensification of fertilizers, one would easily pass to 1,200 or 1,300 kilos per hectare. And this will more than double the farmers' production, their yield, and therefore the income can be doubled,  ”explains Ibrahim Malloum.

According to several producers contacted, this financial effort will push to produce more cotton. But at the same time, they all plead for the rural tracks to be improved. Some have hardly been maintained for more than ten years. This does not facilitate the routing of cotton to the factories.

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