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(According to the bylaws and rules of procedure) 

1 - The applicant may be a legal or natural person

2 - Applicant must have a representative professional activity in fertilizer business in West Africa : industrial producer, blender, importer.

3 - Applicant must be from an ECOWAS country

4 - The applicant must specify the type of membership he wishes: active member, associate member, honorary member.

5 - The applicant must approve the statutes and the rules of procedure

6 - The applicant must undertake  to pay his membership fees and cotisations ;

These last 3 points (4, 5, 6) are specified on the Membership Application Form.


- Receipt of a formal demand : by mail or membership application form.

- Checking of the nature of the applicant (legal or natural person)

- Checking of the country from which the applicant is registered (ECOWAS)

- Examination of the business activity and the quality of the applicant (by the member of the board in charge of this country, using the validation questionnaire)

- If the opinion of this board member is favorable, approval of the board.

- Sending the statutes and rules of procedure to the applicant

- Sending of a blank application form (if the demand was a mail)

- Receipt of the membership form duly folded, signed and sealed.

- Registration of membership by the board.

- If the opinion of this board member or any  other is unfavorable,

- Negative response to the applicant (without justification).

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Name Country Activity
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