AFA signs a new MOU in partnership with AFRIQOM and WAFA towards new horizons in the second biggest Continent

West African Fertilizer Professionals are united and commited!

AFA signs a new MOU in partnership with AFRIQOM and WAFA towards new horizons in the second biggest Continent


Eng. Raed Soub, AFA Secretary General, referred to signing the MOU between AFA, Afriqom and WAFA on Wednesday, 10th of June, 2020. This took place as part of AFA pioneering and effective role to create new expansions, open new fields and provide additional opportunities for its members, aiming at connecting Arab and African regions, by taking such an unprecedented step across AFA forty four path to serve its members on all levels, whether technical or economic.

The main goal of signing the MOU is to informationalize AFA’s activities, and to promote its position and its distinction internationally and regionally. As through such an MOU, AFA will connect its members of Arab fertilizer producers with African importers in a framework supporting Arab-African interests; identifying African market developments and enhancing Arab presence in such market, which is currently using 3.6 million tons of all main nutrients (nitrogenous, phosphate and potash) that will soon reach 12 million tons in West African countries only.

Eng. Soub added that AFA is seeking to support Arab market status and presence in African markets on a wide range through future plans that will ensure broad presence in the African continent, guaranteeing greater opportunities and more significant expansions provided by AFA for its members to identify such a promising continent development.

According to Dr. Innocent Okuku, the Vice President of WAFA, this collaboration with AFA and AFRIQOM is very important to WAFA and its 60 members who account for about 90% of fertilizer supplies in West Africa. Since AFA members represent over 30% of global fertilizer production, WAFA will leverage that capacity to fast track one of her key objectives of increasing supply of high quality affordable fertilizers across West Africa while in return AFA members will have improved access to the relatively untapped over 12Million Tons fertilizer market potential of the region. Both WAFA and AFA will work together to grow West Africa's fertilizer demand from its present 3.5million tons toward unlocking the over 12million tons market potential. The involvement of AFRIQOM in the relationship will bring increased transparency of the market. On the overall, this collaboration will contribute significantly to helping Africa increase its agricultural production, decrease its dependence on food imports and create wealth among her rural populations. 'We at WAFA are therefore very excited to announce this collaboration'.

Dr. Mounir Halim, Managing Director of ARFIQOM said “we are proud and excited to enter into partnership with two major associations in the fertilizer world. AFA with its long and rich history in the conferencing industry and the treasured experience of its members where their global fertilizer exports, of all types of fertilizers, represent 35% of international trade. This is complemented by the WAFA and its solid ambition and focused objectives to develop the fertilizer industry in Western Africa. The tri-partite partnership will draw from the strength of each to bring in added-value events and initiatives that will contribute to the African Green Revolution to feed the continent and the globe”.

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Arab Fertilizer Association is a non-governmental Arab international organization established in 1976. AFA is operating under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity and exercising the status of observer at the Economic and Social Council affiliated to the Arab League. AFA comprises of Arab institutions and companies working in the fields of fertilizers and relevant materials industry and trade, in addition to other related fields.

WAFA is a not-for-profit African organization of importers, manufacturers and distributors of fertilizers and other plant nutrition products across West Africa. Inaugurated in 2016, the association now have 61 members from 12 different countries, and represents over 90% of West Africa fertilizer market. WAFA serves as the platform for a common voice and collective market development efforts of the private sector entities involved in fertilizer and other crop nutrition activities across West Africa.

AFRIQOM provides market research, consultancy studies and advertising services on fertilizer markets with a focus on African markets. By doing so and by being the leaders in the continent, AFRIQOM ensures transparency in an opaque market and contributes to the motion of the African Green Revolution. AFRIQOM clients span the globe, over 4 continents, and includes global producers, international traders and the African ecosystem; producers, importers, NGOs and Governments.

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