[Job] - Administration and finance Officer of WAFA

West African Fertilizer Professionals are united and commited!

[Job] - Administration and finance Officer of WAFA

The West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA) is the umbrella association of all players in the
fertilizer sector of the West African region, including fertilizer manufacturers, importers,
blenders and traders. The association was created primarily to serve as a platform for
cooperation amongst its members in the quest to champion the development of the fertilizer
sector in the region as a means of improving agricultural production and food security of the
ECOWAS member states. The vision of WAFA is to effectively bring together all the
professionals in fertilizer sector to have a common voice and action towards promoting
sustainable, rational and efficient use of fertilizer in agriculture within the ECOWAS region.
Formally inaugurated in 2016 and governed by a nine-member Board, the association has
rapidly grown in size and function and has become the voice of the private sector in the
fertilizer sector. The members of the association together represent over 85% of the fertilizer
trade in West Africa.
To support the consistent growth of the association, WAFA recruited and appointed early in
2019 a Coordinator and planned in its 2019 activity the recruitment of an Administration and
finance and a communication officers in order to establish a formal staff structure that will
be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of activities aimed at achieving the

association’s goal, under the guidance of the association’s Board.

WAFA.ToR for Administration and Finance officer recruitement

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