West African Fertilizer Professionals are united and commited!

About WAFA

The West African  Fertilizer Association (WAFA) was born from the will of the fertilizer sector players in the region to join forces to meet the fertilizers challenges and it represents all ECOWAS countries member.

The association companies members are sharing common opportunities and difficulties and think  together to find sustainable solutions by combining their means and their energies in order to promote a sustainable agriculture and as an environment favorable to the farmers.

It is an initiative that dates from December 2015, but the desire to unite all these energies goes back from a long way. Today, the association has 28 companies from 9 different countries.

Our Vision

West African structure, bringing together all the professional in fertilizer (importers, producers, processors, distributors) to have a common voice and action towards promoting rational efficience of fertilizer developing sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

The association will aim, to promote access to (availability , affordability, timing) adns efficient use of quality and appropriate fertilizers among the farming population of West Africa.

Engage authorities and policy makers in the development of regional agricultural policy in terms of agronomy, infrastructure, trade environment and financing with transparency in the overall interest of improving agriculture.

To support its membres by facilitating improved buisiness linkages, access to production requirements including friendly financing mechanisms and improved market acces.

For this, the association must bring together all the energies, skills, expertise and ressources of its members and its thechnical partners .

"Quality , A Priority"

Our Objectivies

Many objectivies have already been considered and prioritized. We have already begun activity on three of them due to the commitment of a working group elected from among the founder members.
One of the key objectives of WAFA is the quality of fertilizers.


QUALITY OF FERTILIZERS A close partnership with Agricultural Research Institutes of the Region : In order to put in place actions To improve The quality of fertilizers we are asking for The support of agronomists and Projects that have been working since Years on nutritional needs Of different crops and soil conditions Of our region.


FACILITY OF SUPPLIES The main ports of West Africa : Abidjan, Lagos, Dakar, Lomé, Tema, Cotonou, Conakry, Port Harcourt, San Pedro, Calabar, Takoradi, are the doors Of fertilizers (raw materials Raw materials and raw materials) for Profession but rarely corridors Trade between our States.


FINANCING The question of funding and its Different mechanisms is also A key point of the WAFA Association:
- Understanding Financial Challenges Common challenges faced by our members.
- Develop a model of Beneficial to all parties
- Promoting access to finance
- Participate in financing strategies Of State subsidies Member States (including time limits for Regulation to suppliers).

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