Marginal coronavirus’s impact on international fertiliser market

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Marginal coronavirus’s impact on international fertiliser market

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While some normality is returning to Chinese fertiliser and chemical markets, the effect of the virus in several European countries is unclear.

While the repercussions of the virus are spreading to other parts of the world, analysts said what happens in China will have major implications for the fertiliser markets.

Analysts said the  coronavirus crisis is adding to the uncertainties the global food  industry faces as it contemplates new investments and business strategies.

They said the long-term outlook for the market will ultimately depend on how quickly governments move to contain the coronavirus outbreak, how successful their efforts are, and what lingering impact the crisis has on agricultural activity.

To this end, the International Fertiliser Development Centre (IFDC), the West Africa Fertiliser Association (WAFA) and, announce the launch of the West Africa COVID-19 Fertilser Watch. This is to provide statistical and logistical updates to fertiliser value chain, stakeholders related to COVID-19’s potential impact on the trade in West Africa.

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