Togo: a production unit of phosphate fertilizers in the works

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Togo: a production unit of phosphate fertilizers in the works

The creation of a phosphate fertilizer production unit is one of the priorities of Togo's new five-year roadmap, said Mila Mawunyo Aziable, Minister Delegate to the President of the Republic, in charge of the 'Energy and Mines.

If this production has remained at the project stage since 2015 when the Israeli group Elenilto had received the permit to carry out this activity and exploit carbonate phosphates, there are reports that the status quo will not continue in this area. .

In the same vein, we learn that the wealthy Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has obtained two research permits for carbonate phosphates. The research will target the area of ​​Kpomé Apéyémé and its surroundings in the prefecture of Zio and the area of ​​Akoumapé in the prefecture of Vo.

The updating of the project for the exploitation of carbonated phosphates and the production of phosphate fertilizers is not the only priority project of the new government in the mining sector. The activities of exploration and exploitation of other mineral resources will also experience a new dynamism with this government in which the ministers are bound by contracts of objectives.

As a reminder, certain measures have been considered to improve governance of the mining sector. Thus, the State Holding Togo Invest has been called upon to co-develop with Ica Invest, the project to exploit the clay deposit of Ledjoblibo , prefecture of Dankpen (about 90 km from Kara, a town located 420 km from Lomé, in the North). 

A few months before, the process of modifying the Mining Code was launched with the adoption of a bill aimed at ultimately enabling the State to improve its mining revenues.

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